Friday, September 9, 2011

Over the river and through the woods

Last night I attended Alma Katsu's book release party for The Taker, her debut novel that is not a vampire novel. I'd met Alma previously at Keith Donohue's signing for Centuries of June, and-- as you can probably infer from the above photo-- I think she's terrific. She's a wonderful writer, a warm and supportive person, and as down-to-earth as you could ever hope for. I hope her book does wonderfully well.

The signing was held at One More Page in Arlington, which is about an hour from where I live (currently-- see "101 Reasons"). It just so happens that I'll be signing here on October 15, so I considered this trip a dry run for my own visit. If you live anywhere on or near the Eastern seaboard, you may have noticed it's been a little wet outside lately. But I wasn't going to let a minor downpour get in the way of supporting Alma, and it didn't hurt that I also had plans to meet another friend at the French restaurant around the corner. So risking my life for books and wild mushroom crepes seemed quite reasonable and in line with my general philosophy toward living.

I hadn't quite anticipated that I would need to ford Route 50. Did you ever play "Oregon Trail" back in the '80s? You know, that computer game in which you pretend to be a westward pioneer and make your little pixelated prairie folk travel past Chimney Rock and Fort Boise, avoid snakebites and dysentery, and eventually give up their pretty mustangs for less attractive oxen? Yeah, prior to last night that was my closest experience with floating my wagon across a rushing river. I figured if the Honda Odyssey in front of me could manage the rapids, then the swagger wagon could too. It took two hours instead of one. But I managed it, scored my signed copy and my French grub, and made it home in one piece. Never have I been happier to click the lock button on my key fob, but it was a great evening.

So I'll be there myself on October 15 at 2pm, signing The Kingdom of Childhood. Come pay me a visit!

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  1. I haven't experienced anything like this! Good to hear you're okay. I love going on European river cruises, and haven't met a river I didn't like.