Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're Live!

It's the day I've been waiting for-- well, one of them: the day my book "goes live" on Amazon. The release date is supposed to be Oct 1, but it's showing up as Sept 20 with an estimated delivery date of Sept 23. I posted a link on Facebook that said, effectively, "Yay!"-- and within hours my Amazon number had rocketed up to 14,463, which I think is the highest number I've ever had for any book, and this one hasn't even been printed yet. I know it will sink between now and October (in fact, it already has), but that was still fun to see.

At almost the same time I discovered this evidence that they really ARE going to publish the book, I got an email from someone at the publisher issuing my official invite to BookExpo America. To explain the significance of this to my friends outside the industry, I've told them it's like if my eleven-year-old daughter got invited to Hogwarts. I'll be doing two signings-- one with several other authors at the Harlequin booth, and a chute signing (I had to look up the term) the following day. All together I'll be in New York over four days, which is, to me, a staggering amount of time to be away from home. I think that's the biggest event I'll be doing until I actually have a book, but given the number of surprises that keep cropping up, I suppose that remains to be seen.

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