Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Since I just changed the name of my blog, I figured I'd better put up this post to authenticate it: here's my Milton tattoo. It's a swan wing with a quote from Paradise Lost: "So lively shines in them divine resemblance." I've loved Paradise Lost for many years. If you're one of the 24 or so people who read "Desperado City," you know I somehow managed to channel my love of it into what's effectively a YA novel. To pull a single quote out of that beautiful epic poem was quite a challenge. The art itself was done by Charon Henning at Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, VA. Charon's quite a character. She and I go way back to when I was Wiccan (you know, like Christine O'Donnell) as a teenager, and we hung out with the same people. Now she tours the United States in an Airstream trailer, with two sphinx cats, as the sword-and-fire-swallowing Odd Angel, "The Most Dangerous Beauty Alive". Also, she tattoos.

The wing makes for an interesting Rorschach test. My Facebook friends gleefully shared their first impressions about what it is. I found these to be wonderfully revealing, and I'm tempted to get something phallic on the other arm just to make people uncomfortable.

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  1. I thought it was a mountain that bulldozers had dug out. Silly me. They wouldn't bother with all that when they could just blow the top off.... Margie B, ready to return to my memoir.
    P.S. my daughter is about your age and she has great tattoos and, BTW, she is bi also.